Silveyville Christmas Tree Farm

Dixon, California I was pretty amazed when we got here. I was definitely expecting a Christmas Tree farm. I was not expecting...

Our Accidental Trip to Ocean Beach

San Francisco, California So I had every intention of taking the boys to Muir Beach and we were looking forward to fire pits on the...

Nyack Snow Park

This area was perfect for minimalists like myself who just need a day in the snow. I would describe this as a kid's park



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for NURSES who travel

I have been a travel nurse for over 5 years now and I started my career in Florida.  Everywhere I go nurses and everyday people alike want to know about travel nursing. 

I don't know everything, but I will share what I do know and what I learn along the way.  Let me know what questions you have and I will try to answer them in my blog.  Happy travels y'all. ❤