• Brittany Bowks

Our Accidental Trip to Ocean Beach

Updated: Jan 5

San Francisco, California

So I had every intention of taking the boys to Muir Beach and we were looking forward to fire pits on the beach!

However, due to a little GPS mix up we ended up at Ocean Beach instead! No fires are allowed at this beach from November to the end of February so we were a little disappointed as we came in January, but that disappointment did not last long. The sand was still so perfect for bare feet and the salty air still beckoned us to the icy cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.

There were many surfers catching waves. And there were just as many dogs as people. None of the dogs were leashed and they were very friendly. I had a couple that thought nothing of parking their wet, sandy butts right on my blanket!

The boys somehow managed to get soaking wet even though they were "just putting their feet in the water." After about two hours they were shivering and cold so we made our way back to the car to get dry clothes and warm up by the heater, but we weren't ready to head out yet.

The best part about Ocean Beach was the beautiful, fiery sunset and all of the locals started to arrive just in time for the show.

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