• Brittany Bowks

Silveyville Christmas Tree Farm

Dixon, California

I was pretty amazed when we got here. I was definitely expecting a Christmas Tree farm. I was not expecting everything else! Firstly, I am happy to report there was no parking fee and no entrance fee! You walk into the smell of fresh popcorn and the scent of pines. You can hear the sound of trees being shaken and cut. You can see the greens, and reds, and browns that you can only experience in nature. It really was great for the senses.

Before we had even made it to the trees there was a gift shop on the right, free popcorn on the left, and an outdoor heater right in the middle. Once you get past all that there was a very pleasant blacksmith on site making old horsehoes into gifts. He immediately started up a conversation with my little boy and started educating him on the art of shaping metal. Afterwards we were able to purchase a horseshoe heart from the gift store.

There were many more attractions after that. There was a place for kids to play music on homemade instruments and make-believe they are riding on vehicles made out of logs. There were reindeer rockers, a play area ($5/per kid) and a (sort of) sleigh ride ($2/person) that included a lollipop with your ride.

In addition to that there are animals everywhere. There are chickens running through the yard and we spotted a little kitten peeking up from under a truck. There is a path that takes you to The Coop where there are chickens and roosters and little chicks too! There are also goats that run up to the gate as you pass.

If you can drag your kids away from all of the fun you can grab a saw and a wheelbarrow and head through the muddy earth to collect your own Christmas Tree. If you are not intrigued by the locally grown selection they also have precut trees for you to choose from. Look out for the fruit trees as you make your way through the farm!

Once you have collected your tree you have the option of paying a little extra to have it shaken (to remove bugs and loose pines) and to have it netted for the drive home. You can also have a stand added so that it is ready to go when you get home!

This was definitely a great adventure for the entire family and it is highly recommended. We went on a Saturday in December and jackets were necessary. We had a really great time. There were bathrooms available and there was a limited selection of food. If you are traveling with a picky eater definitely bring your own snacks. You could get a stroller with some decent wheels through here, but it is a farm so be prepared for some mud and dirt!

This experience was in the Christmas season of 2019 and prior to the covid pandemic. Please check for availability of services prior to your visit!

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